Monday, March 22, 2010

A New Show on Mike DeVita Hosts "Just For Old Times Sake"

Broadcast on Monday, March 14, was another treat from, and the theme was 1955 -- A Wonderful Year of Many Changes! Broadcast at 3PM and re-broadcast at 8 pm EST, each show ran 2 hours in length. If you would like to hear another re-broadcast, send an email to

Our second show in the series broadcast on Monday, March 21 (at 3 and 8PM EST) took us to the 1950's malt shop with Deedee Dinah as our guest co-host. We played the best songs on the virtual jukebox and I think you might agree! If you would like to hear a re-broadcast, send an email to

The next show on March 28 will be called "When Blue Suede Met White Bucks."

1 comment:

  1. Mike,
    This is another great show on Frednetradio. Wow,you do such a great job. I loved hearing Pat Boone sing those great songs. Elvis sounded pretty good too. I beleive you were having a awesome time.
    Walking down memory lane on Sunday's and Wednesday's is wonderful.
    Thanks to you and Keith for making this happen.